Making Movies with AIPS: Movies of 12 Superluminal Blazars at 15 GHz

Our Procedures

View AIPS Memo #106 which describes our procedures.

Superluminal Magnetic Movies

movie image We have made movie clips, showing the evolution of the milli-arcsecond structure and magnetic field of 12 well known blazars.

The images are based on six epochs of VLBA observations at 15 GHz spanning all of 1996. Intermediate frames were constructed by linear interpolation using a script in AIPS (implemented as a RUN file). 

Please note that the images are stretched in several movies.

3C 120 PKS 0528+134 PKS 0735+178 OJ 287
J1224+212 (4C 21.35) 3C 273 3C 279 J1310+323
PKS 1510-089 J1751+09 (4C 09.56) J1927+739 (4C 73.18) J2005+778

Observations and calibration by Dan Homan & Roopesh Ojha

In collaboration with John Wardle and Dave Roberts (Brandeis), Margo Aller, Hugh Aller and Phil Hughes (University of Michigan).

Movies created by Teddy Cheung.

This work supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and NASA.