Undergraduate Students

Former Members

  • Andreas Rauch, Ph.D. 2013
    A New Method of Constraining the Orientation of Radio-loud Quasars on kpc Scales
    Currently at Otto Hahn Gymnasium, Gottingen, Germany
  • Douglas Gobeille, Ph.D. 2011
    A Systematic Meta-Survey of High Redshift Quasars Probing their Environments and Evolution
    Currently at the University of Southern Florida, Tampa
  • Michael Bell, Ph.D. 2010
    Two frequency, multi-epoch VLA observations of SS 433
    Currently at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Garching, Germany
  • Tingdong Chen, Ph.D. 2005
    VLBI and VSOP study of two quasar jets
    Currently at 1185 Design, San Francisco
  • Chi C. (Teddy) Cheung, Ph.D. 2004
    Studies of the Kilo-parsec Scale Radio and Optical Emission from X-ray Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei.
    Currently at MIT, Cambridge, MA
  • Daniel C. Homan, Ph.D. 1999 (also Postdoc 1999-2001)
    Polarization Studies of the Parsec Scale Jets of AGN.
    Currently at Denison University, Granville, OH
  • Joanne M. Attridge, Ph.D. 1999
    Magnetic Field Structures in the Parsec-Scale Radio Jets of Blazars.
    Currently at Haystack Observatory, Westford, MA
  • Roopesh Ojha, Ph.D. 1998
    I. 22 GHz VLBA Polarization Monitoring of 13 Blazars. II. Multifrequency 2.3 GHz Study of the CSS Quasar 3C 48.
    Currently at Australia National Telescope Facility, Australia
  • George A. Moellenbrock, Ph.D. 1997
    I. A 22 GHz VLBI Survey of 140 Compact Extragalactic Radio Sources. II. VLBA Polarization Observations of Gamma-Ray Blazars at 15 and 22 GHz.
    Currently at National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, NM
  • Scott E. Aaron, Ph.D. 1997
    VLBA Observations of Highly Misaligned Radio Jets.
    Currently working in industry
  • Michael F. Ochs, Ph.D. 1995
    Parsec Scale Faraday Rotation in Quasars.
    Currently at Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • Wesley K. Cobb, Ph.D. 1993
    Theoretical Studies of the Polarization and Variability of Inhomogenous Relativistic Jets.
  • Leslie F. Brown, Ph.D. 1992 (also Postdoc)
    The Evolution of the VLBI Polarization of Superluminal Radio Source 3C345.
    Currently at Connecticut College, New London, CT
  • Mark A. Holdaway, Ph.D. 1990
    Maximum Entropy Imaging of Radio Astrophysical Data.
    Currently at National Radio Astronomy Observatory
    Tucson, AZ
  • Ronald I. Kollgaard, Ph.D. 1989
    VLA and VLBI Observations of Core Dominated Quasars.
    Currently at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL
  • Denise C. Gabuzda, Ph.D. 1988 (also Postdoc)
    VLBI Polarization Measurements of BL Lacertae Objects.
    Currently at University College Cork, Ireland
  • Ron I. Potash, Ph.D. 1985
    Radio Studies of a Complete Sample of Quasars.
  • E.B. Hessel, Ph.D. 1985
    A Relativistic Blast Wave Model for Outbursts in Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei.
  • Daniel R. Altschuler, Ph.D. 1975
    Observations of Compact Radio Sources.
    Currently at NAIC Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Jing Lu (transferred to Washington University)
  • Jake Cohen, 2015
  • Rachel Harrison, 2015
  • Brendan Reardon, 2014
    Currently working at Brandeis University in IT
  • Kyle Van Gorkom, 2014
    Investigating Optical Continuum Flux as a Measure of Quasar Central Engine Power
  • Michael Kosowsky, 2014
    Multifrequency Polarimetry of the Microquasar SS 433
    Currently a graduate student at Harvard University (physics)
  • Kathryn A. Weil, 2014
    Optical Spectroscopy of the Restarting Radio Galaxy 3C 219
    Currently a graduate student at Dartmouth University (astrophysics)
  • Aaron Chevalier, 2013
    A search for Twisted Polarization in Arcecond-scale Quasar Jets
    Currently at MIT-Broad Institute
  • Valerie Marchenko, 2013
    Testing the iC/CMB Model for X-ray Emission
    Currently a graduate student at Brown University
  • Phoebe Sanderbeck, 2012
    VLBI Polarization Observations of PKS 1055+018
    Currently a graduate student at Washington State University
  • Matthew Mallory, 2009
  • Nicholas Lee, 2005
  • Scott L. Lipnick, 2005
  • Philip Selesnick, 2005
  • Eli A. Wolfhagen, 2005
  • Max Yarmolinsky
  • Simon A. Slutsky, B.S. 2004
    VLA Observations of Linear Polarization in the Microquasar SS433.
    Currently grad student at University of Maryland (physics)
  • Zachary Kessin, B.A. 2003
    Analyzing Incomplete Time Series Data with CLEAN.
    Currently in Jerusalem
  • Carlos E. Cunha, B.S. 2002
    Precessing Relativistic Jets.
    Currently grad student at University of Chicago (astrophysics)
  • Michael Barg, B.S. 2002
    Currently grad student at George Washington University (mathematics)
  • Genya Takeda, B.S. 2002
    Currently grad student at Northwestern University (astrophysics)
  • Gregory R. Sivakoff, B.S. 2000
    Computer Simulations of Blandford-Konigl Parsec Scale Jets.
    Currently grad student at University of Virginia (astrophysics)
  • Teddy Cheung, B.S. 1999
    I. 22 GHz VLA Observation of the Quasar 3C48.
    II. Uncovering the Underlying VLBI Jet from Some Superluminal Radio Sources? III. Making Movies with AIPS from Multi-Epoch VLBI Images.
    Currently grad student at Brandeis University (astrophysics)
  • Jennifer E. Foulkes, B.S. 1999
    A New Way of Determining the Errors in VLBI Images.
    Currently medical student at University of Massachusetts
  • Tiffany M. Glassman, B.S. 1996
    Radio Interferometry and Fifteen Years of Observations of the BL Lacertae Object OJ287.
    Currently grad student at UCLA (astrophysics)
  • Michael Weinstein, B.S. 1996
    A Discussion of Various Techniques Used in the Field of Radio Interferometry, and a Measurement of the Subluminal Velocity of the Radio Galaxy OQ208.
  • Michael A. Robinson, B.S. 1995
    Using Opacity to Model VLA Polarization Measurements of Quasar 3C345.
  • Louis Kalikow, B.A. 1991, Ph.D. Brandeis 1999 (Mathematics)
    Investigations of the Reliability of Analyzing Time Series with CLEAN.
    Currently Assistant Professor of Mathematics at George Washington University
  • Debora Mary Katz-Stone, B.A. 1988, Ph.D. University of Minnesota 1995 (Astronomy)
    Assistant Professor, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland
  • Joseph Lehar, B.A. 1985, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1991 (Physics)
    Fourier Analysis of OJ287 Time Series Data using a One-Dimensional Clean Algorithm.
    Currently working in industry
  • Nathan Cohen, B.A. 1977, Ph.D. Cornell University
    Faraday Depolarization,Lambda 1/2, and the Ionized Hydrogen Mass of 3CR Quasars.

Former Postdocs